Monday, July 28, 2014
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Afordable RT Accessories for 2010-2014 RT Models.

We purchased our new touring motorcycle in April 2010, which was a step up from our 1998 Honda Shadow A.C.E. Tourer. The Shadow was a good bike, but we were looking to upgrade.
I was waiting for Can-Am to release this touring model since I saw some of the press release photos, and they finally introduced it for 2010.  After visiting the dealer and taking the Spyder for a test ryde we were hooked.  So we are the proud owners of the Spyder RT-S SM5 Premier Edition #0036 in Timeless Black. She is a beut!!
I have created a few modifications to make riding easier and more comfortable. See the Photo Gallery page.
~~~~~~~~After 3 years and 34,000 miles we are still enjoying our Spyder.  We have made 2 2,000 mile round trips to Cuba MO, a 1,600 round trip to Maggie Valley, and our latest 3200 round trip to Lake Placid NY.
~~~~~~~~Now with over 45,000 miles the RT is still serving us well after traveling 11,423 miles to 19 different states in 52 days from June 12-Aug 5 2013.

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